Ukraine and the New Cold War


SELECTION / مختارات (since 2020)

Debate on the New Cold War at the Cheltenham Literature Festival-podcast (14 Oct 2023)

The Roots of the New Cold War-podcast (14 Sept 2023)

“The New Cold War: The United States, Russia and China”: Gilbert Achcar on Ukraine War & More-video (15 June 2023)

L'ONU et la Chine, clefs de la résolution de la guerre russo-ukrainienne-video (9 May 2023)

The New Cold War-podcast (27 Apr 2023)

New Cold War: The US, Russia, and China Today-video (4 Apr 2023)

Are Peace Talks Possible?-video & transcript (29 Dec 2022)

Guerre de civilisations? Nouvelle guerre froide?-podcast (20 Nov 2022)

Paix et guerres entre les civilisations?-video (19 Nov 2022)

The Crisis of Hegemony, Imperialism, and Challenges to World Security-video (23 Oct 2022)

Debating the war in Ukraine - Alex Callinicos and Gilbert Achcar-video (2 Jul 2022)

Solidarité avec la résistance ukrainienne-video (17 May 2022)

حوار حول الحرب الروسية - الاوكرانية وتداعيتها والموقف الدولي-video (9 Apr 2022)

Solidarity with the resistance against Putin's war!-video (5 Apr 2022)

The Russian Invasion of Ukraine and Our Response, pt. 2-video (27 Mar 2022)

The Russian Invasion of Ukraine and Our Response, pt. 1-video (27 Mar 2022)

Against Imperialist War! Ukraine, Russia, NATO, and the U.S.-video (13 Mar 2022)

La situation du conflit entre la Russie et l’Ukraine-podcast (12 Mar 2022)

Guerre contre l’Ukraine : quelle solidarité internationaliste?-video (2 Mar 2022)

Interview on British Muslim TV-video (1 Mar 2022)

Anti-Imperialist Solidarity with the Ukrainian People-video (1 Mar 2022)